WIC US Research center

Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC)


The WIC-US research center is an independent research center sponsored by the Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC) WIC is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing world-wide scientific research and industrial development in the field of Web Intelligence (WI). 

It promotes collaborations among world-wide WI research centers and organizational members, technology showcases at WI related conferences and workshops, WIC official book and journal publications, WIC newsletters, and WIC official releases of new industrial solutions and standards.

The WIC-US research center is housed in Department of Computer Science, San Jose State University.


WIC-US Research Center

Department of Computer Science

San Jose State University

San Jose, CA  95192


Phone: 1-408-924-5121

Fax: 1-408-924-5080

E-mail: tylin@cs.sjsu.edu